Are You Buying A Netbook?

If you're trying to save money, then getting a netbook instead of a laptop might just be the ticket.

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I was telling my friends that if all they're mainly interested in is surfing the web, watching YouTube videos, exchanging e-mail, or even blogging, then all they probably need is a netbook.

Among the popular brands of netbooks are Asus Eee, Acer Aspire One, MSI Wind, HP Mini Note, Red Box, Neo, and a host of others. What differentiates the various models are whether they run on Linux or Windows XP, or if they have a hard disk, how large the monitor and keyboards are, and how long the batteries will last.

Did you know that More "niche" netbooks sold in 3Q2008 than iPhones? That does give you some idea of how much these netbooks are accepted by consumers. I just wonder, though, how things will be after about six months, when we get more feedback regarding the strain of peering at those tiny monitors.

Or what happens when people watching videos later on decide that they want to make videos themselves? Try video editing on a netbook. Or better yet, don't. :-)

In the coming months, you can expect more people to save on money. So if your friends go crazy if they can't check their email or update their blog while they're on the move (or whenever they find themselves in a WiFi zone), don't be surprised if you find more of these netbooks popping up all over the place.

[ First posted on 12/10/2008 by Manuel Viloria ]

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