Google Manipulator

Google Manipulator is the latest ebook by Pawel Reszka, an underground marketer.

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Perhaps this six-figure marketer is no longer flying under the radar, what with the release of this 80-page ebook where Pawel reveals tactics to help those of you with a home business opportunity or affiliate marketing program.

First of all, the title Google Manipulator is quite presumptuous, and may invite some kind of backlash from one of the significant players on the internet. Anyway, let's have a look at what's inside this ebook:

1. Introduction
Tells you why Google Manipulator is so different than any other report out there and how all the other gurus still hide their true marketing techniques.

2. What This Is About
Web 2.0 authority websites to use and the overall income earning game plan, a great starting chapter!

3. Market Research
Covering everything from market and keyword research, and the free tools how to use them.

4. The Master Plan
An overview of what you need to do to make money and what needs to be done to dominate Google's search engine results and how to receive traffic.

5. Content Creation
Very important chapter on how to create vital content and how many keywords in your content per page and how to be attractive yet right on point with the search engines.

6. Executing The Plan
This is where the meat is. You will see!

7. Getting The Word Out
How to get instant traffic from everywhere.

8. Your Own Site VS Direct Linking
Ever wondered how to get one way links. You will learn now.

9. Black Hat
The methods are meant to boost your affiliate commissions and not tricks you come across on the web.

10. Building Huge Sites Fast
Really a must see chapter, showing you tools and tricks, literally within minutes. Adsense fans must read this.

11. Closing Words

12. Recommended Resources

13. Affiliate Program

First of all, the ebook is quite pricey. For those of you who are earning at least $100 a month online, you may already know several of the tips in this ebook. And if you're just starting out, then it would be better if you focus first on learning how to publish online, before you invest in the Google Manipulator.

You will also learn about using Web 2.0 to help drive traffic to your sites. While this has worked in the past, please be aware the Google and several key players on the web are now making moves to thwart this manipulative way of gaining traffic. In other words, the days of manipulated Web 2.0 driven traffic are numbered.

(Now do you see why manipulation is not a viable long-term strategy?)

Fortunately, there is a reasonable way to attract traffic, and you can even find out how Pawel creates content as revealed in the Google Manipulator. Go ahead. Check it out and see what I mean.

Just remember, though, that there is no one way to succeed online. Good luck!

[ First posted on 06/27/2008 by Manuel Viloria ]

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