PLRSitebuilder is an exciting software by Eric Giguere, which helps you build web sites quickly.

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The PLR stands for Private Label Rights, and refers to pre-written articles you can use and claim as your own (assuming you've purchased the PLRs to those articles).

The articles cover practically any topic, although most of them focus on popular niche topics such as weight loss, real estate, acne, teeth whitening... well, you get the picture.

The problem, however, with all these thousands of ready-made articles is that they usually remain unused in one's hard disk. They get forgotten, or if you come across them as you rummage through your hard drive, you end up forgetting them again.

What Eric Giguere's PLRSitebuilder program does is it takes all those text files or MS Word documents, and then automatically inserts the content into a web site template.

In effect, you'll end up with web pages that correctly link with each other. The only thing left to do is to upload those web pages to your webserver, and you'll have a working, content-filled site in no time.

There is a risk, however, particularly if other people use PLRSitebuilder on the same articles you use. That's why it is important to work with unique content, to eliminate the possibility of "duplicate content" and the search engine visibility problems that plague all these instant web sites.

PLRSitebuilder, when used properly, is still a viable and powerful tool you can use in your problogging projects. It works beautifully if you team up with someone who is focused on writing articles. All your partner has to do is write, and he or she can even use MS Word.

If you don't have any web design skills, you can partner with someone who's comfortable with HTML, and you can come up with a great-looking template.

Then, you simply run PLRSitebuilder on the content produced by your writer, and the template created by your webdesigner, and in minutes a site will be built before your very eyes.

Anyway, I want to thank Eric for generously giving a free copy of PLRSitebuilder to those who participated in the One Page A Day Challenge. I will certainly put your scripts/software to good use.

[ First posted on 03/21/2008 by Manuel Viloria ]

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