Photoblogging and Twitter

Finally! You can photoblog using your cellphone, Twitter, TwitterFeed, and Tumblr.

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Twitter is a micro-blogging system which you can easily update using either your computer, or your phone. Since it allows you to input a 140-character text message, how can you update it with photos?

The secret: Use TwitterFeed. allows you to automatically update your Twitter account using the RSS feed of any blog that you choose. This means that whenever that chosen blog is updated, your Twitter account will also be updated.

(The fastest frequency is 5 updates every 30 minutes.)

At, you can set-up your own blog for free. You can also update your Tumbleblog using your cell phone, which means you can upload text or even a photo (via MMS). And since it is a blog, it has its own RSS feed.

Here are the basic steps:

1. Send a photo from your cell phone to your Tumblr blog.
2. Configure TwitterFeed to grab your Tumblr RSS feed, and send that to your Twitter micro-blog.

In short, you can now update your Twitter account using not only your cellphone's texting capabilities, but also your phone's built-in camera. No, the picture will not appear; rather, there'll be a link to the image.

Check mobile photoblogging in action, with the help of Twitter, TwitterFeed, Tumblr, and a Nokia N70.

(I wonder what's in store for citizen journalism...)

[ First posted on 08/28/2007 by Manuel Viloria ]

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