BlipTV Video Experiment

I'm now trying to see how it handles online video.

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One new feature I've noticed is the ability to upload via FTP. Will this be faster? Well, it took me about 7.5 minutes to upload a 9.39MB FLV video file.

The great thing about this is once you log out of your FTP session, your video becomes immediately available. In places like YouTube, you'll need to wait a few more minutes for your video to be "processed" by the online video service.

With, your video is almost immediately available. I say almost, because once I visited the video page, I was not able to view the FLV video. I needed to download a plugin.

But when I clicked on the button that allows me to download the necessary plugin, Firefox tells me that it cannot find the plugin. In other words, I was able to quickly upload and make a video available in but it's taking me forever to view it.

I'll try remotely displaying the FLV video using the Flash Video Player Plugin for WordPress in the coming days.

In the next experiment, I'll try uploading an mp4 video file. Stay tuned...

UPDATE: Uploading an FLV file got me an "unsupported format" error. The mp4 file was successfully converted by to FLV, though. also allows you to view the video directly as an mp4 file, which can look much better than the FLV version. Better resolution usually comes at the cost of increased waiting time, because you need to download a larger video file.

[ First posted on 12/26/2006 by Manuel Viloria ]

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