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Is it really possible to gain more search engine visibility and higher web site traffic with the help of videos? Traffic Geyser thinks so.

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Produce and upload videos into as many online video directories as you can, and those will be indexed by the search engines. When people search for a certain keyword or phrase, they'll see your video's info page among the search engine listings.

So, does this increased visibility really bring in more visitors? Most of the time, it won't.

From my experience, when people view my videos online they just watch the video. That's it. They don't visit the website URL displayed in the video. They simply stay at YouTube, for example, and then continue watching other videos there.

Do video pages rank highly in search engines? Sometimes.

I created a video and it appeared in the second page of search engine results. Do a search for Jon Stewart in Google, and you'll find two entries that point to a video: one at YouTube and another at iFilm. Considering that Jon Stewart has lots of videos entitled "Jon Stewart," I expected to find more than two entries in the first page of Google's search results.

Then again, your mileage may vary. There are some Traffic Geyser success factors that can make this SEO tactic work for you. You'll have to resolve some nagging questions about Traffic Geyser, though.

I dunno. I feel uneasy about creating videos and then automatically mass-submitting them to these video communities. The Tagalog phrase that comes to mind is: Ginigisa sa sariling mantika (Sauteed in your own oil).

[ First posted on 11/30/2006 by Manuel Viloria ]

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