Airport Security Update

In light of the recent liquid bomb threats, here's an update on airport security.

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The document is called "5J Tsika Ref 089 - Issued 15Aug06" and is courtesy of Cebu Pacific:

With regards to the recent security threat on flights bound for the U.S., this was found to be real and the implementation of Security measures to deter the introduction of this dangerous good (Liquid Explosive) will not only be for flights with U.S. destination but it will be uniformly implemented in all the Airports in the country whether International or Domestic.

Security procedures are being finalized to implement in handling all bottled/canned water-based substances in the hand-carried luggage of passengers both in International and Domestic destination i.e., beverages, suntan lotion, gels, shampoo, toothpaste and similar substances except for baby formula and prescription medicine. A final Memorandum and Public Advisory will be issued.

Meantime, what was implemented and to be implemented by the MIAA and All Airports whether International or Domestic Airport are the following:

  • At the Initial screening, passengers will be advised to place all prohibited items in their check in luggage.

  • At the check in Counter, Airline staff will remind the passengers to place the prohibited items in their check-in baggage.

  • And at the final screening, if there are still prohibited items carried by the passenger in their carry on, the said item/s shall be confiscated.

  • After the Final Check at the IPT, since passengers will have access to the Duty Free Shop, the following measures will be undertaken:

    US-Bound Flights / US Carriers - DFP/Store personnel shall endorse the items to the airline staff at the predep lounge. Items can be claimed by the passenger upon disembarkation at the port of destination.

    Non US Bound Flights - Passengers are allowed to take their purchases directly from the store outlet and be allowed to carry it inside the cabin.

  • Transit passengers carrying Duty Free (Wines/Liquors) will be allowed to carry the items in the cabin.

  • Since this civil aviation threat is still fresh and the security procedures being implemented is new, MIAA Media Affairs will continuously have a Media blitz to properly inform the traveling public.

  • Airlines will have to inform the passenger at the first point of contact, that is at the Ticketing outlet.

  • With regards to the handling of laptop computers, cell phones and alike, these items will not be affected with this advisory. The Security screener will just advise the owning passenger to turn it on & off checking.

For your information and reference.

And there you have it, folks. If you have questions regarding the security procedures in Philippine airports, please get in touch with the DOTC.
[ First posted on 08/17/2006 by Manuel Viloria ]

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