Pinoy Reacts To Grandpa YouTube Star

Gerry Alanguilan, a Filipino comic book writer and artist (Youtube nickname: komikero), posted a video in response to one of the videos of Peter, that popular grandpa in YouTube.

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I was wondering when a Pinoy would "vidreact", and am happy that among my fellow Pinoy Youcamotes, I mean, YouTubers, it was Gerry:


I hope Gerry is successful in convincing his parents to share their stories online. For those wondering about Tony (YouTube nickname: thewinekone) [is he Pinoy?] who was mentioned in Gerry's video, here's Internet Recognition, which is one hilariously crazy response to all those negative comments which inevitably appear in YT the moment someone and their video gets a larger than usual share of love and attention:


And finally, here's another one of my favorite video responses to Peter (geriatric1927) and his Telling It All Part 3. It's from Dave from the UK (Youtube nickname: gregoryolney) who's a decade younger than Peter:


Pahabol... Here's another response from 76 year-old Briton Jim (YouTube nickname: jimsan1) who talks about spending his early adolescent years during the second World War and how Peter's video affected him:


It's amazing how a man's online videos have created such a ripple effect across online video enthusiasts of different countries, and of different ages. I hope our older parents, lolos and lolas, particularly those who learned English during the 40s and 50s, will try this thing called the internet.

And if some of our elders prefer to speak in Tagalog? Well, there's always Windows Movie Maker and English subtitles, right? :-)

[ First posted on 08/16/2006 by Manuel Viloria ]

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