G-Blogs: Mobile Blogging Reborn

Globe is once again advertising their G-blogs service in various Philippine broadsheets. Could this be a rebirth of mobile blogging?

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In 2004, I wrote about mobile blogging with Globe, so I revisited the mblog and was pleasantly surprised to find out that it's still there.

I'm also happy to see that G-Blogs has solved the "missing www" issue. Before, if you don't type in the "www" part of the G-Blogs URL, you won't end up on the right page. Now, whether or not you include the "www", you'll land on the correct G-Blogs web page. Kudos to the Globe team for fixing that.

A quick review of the active mblogs at Globe shows a healthy mix of photos and text. Looks like some Pinoy mobloggers do take the time to tap out fully spelled words. Others, understandably, use sms txtspell. Afterall, who wants oversized thumbs? ;-)

In addition, Nokia Lifeblog users can now easily post to G-Blogs.

I wonder, though, when they'll allow voice uploads or mobile podcasting.

It would also be great if Globe would provide incentives to a handful of mobile citizen journalists. For example, these people can provide traffic updates on their way to work.

And if Globe would make G-Blogs "subscribe-able" similar to TWTTR, that would help market their mobile blogging service even more, because you will easily connect more cell phone users to the web.

[ First posted on 07/28/2006 by Manuel Viloria ]

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