Accounting and Holy Week

As the Philippines turns increasingly somber because of Holy Week, we take a break from this thing called the internet, and we reflect upon the trials we've managed to overcome. I particularly remember praying so hard, because someone decided to invent courses related to "Accounting" in the College of Business Administration.

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After 15 years, I still count myself lucky to be alive. I remember painful scenes of teary-eyed classmates, prayerful ones, and wildly jubilant faces of the survivors. Holy Week and prayers truly helped a lot.

15 years... Have things changed in the school of accounting? Apparently not.

Before, you needed to trudge up to your teacher's office and crowd around the door or bulletin board with your cute classmates to see your exam results. Today, the summaries of grades are available online, where you can rejoice or cry in anguish all by your solitary self:

Acc 10 - Fundamentals of Accounting
Acc 15 - Fundamentals of Accounting
Acc 30 - Introduction to Managerial Accounting

(Nope, I'm not from the Ateneo. Just stumbled upon their online listing of grades.)

My advice? Studying isn't enough. Try praying. And not just during Holy Week.

Advance Happy Easter to everyone!

[ First posted on 04/06/2004 by Manuel Viloria ]

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