Platforms of Government: Philippine Presidential Elections 2004

Those aspiring to be the next Philippine President can now start campaigning. Over the next few weeks, I'll list here whatever I find about their plans for our country. Feel free to send in your comments and links to other places online, to help us get a glimpse of what we're getting ourselves into. =)

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Feb 27, 2004

Villanueva's solution to corruption

THE SPECTACLE of an all-seeing "Big Brother" in the government looms in the presidency of evangelist and presidential candidate Eddie Villanueva as he says he will use "modern electronic devices" to "eliminate the evils of corruption in government."

"We will use modern electronic devices to gather intelligence to eliminate the evils of corruption in government," he told a conference of rural bankers at the Shangri-la Hotel in Makati City.

Villanueva also enumerated other programs in his platform of government, which he said was anchored on "education, economic priorities, and government reforms."

Feb 20, 2004

Q&A with the Six Presidentiables

First 100 days, Cabinet appointees, priority legislation, foreign debt, population control, environment, national budget, insurgency/peace and order, Estrada trial, Marcos wealth, graft and corruption, military reforms, foreign policy (US, War on Terrorism, Iraq, One-China, Spratlys), educational reforms, abortion, divorce, same-sex marriage, gun control, death penalty.

Feb 11, 2004

Macapagal promises rice, fish on every table

During the kick-off to her campaign in the municipality of Cavinti in Laguna province on Tuesday, Ms Macapagal assured voters her food security program involved increasing production of rice and tilapia. "Ano ang kinakain ng karaniwang Pilipino, di ba bigas, kanin at saka isda (What does the ordinary Filipino eat... rice and fish)," the President said.

Feb 10, 2004

Poe unveils economic plan

To remedy the country's chronic budget deficit, Poe said government must carry out "drastic cost cutting measures on non-essential expenditures" and "institute bold tax reforms to improve revenue collection." He said the government must "explore the possibility of a balanced budget," but did not give details. Poe also said government must ensure "food security" by increasing funds for rural infrastructure and use foreign aid to finance low interest credit windows for farmers and fishermen. He also said the government would boost health insurance coverage to 90 percent of the population by 2007 but did not elaborate. He also said the police should be cleaned of "rogue elements". The covenant also called for "an in-depth review" into reforming the presidential system to a parliamentary one.

Poe promises every Filipino 'breakfast, lunch, dinner'

"We always dream of a better tomorrow, but that dream remains a dream. To make it a reality we have to work for it," Poe said, adding, "I cannot do this alone, I will lead you but I need you."

[ First posted on 02/10/2004 by Manuel Viloria ]

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