Moon Day Entry No. 6: Love is in the Air

Attended one of the most-organized and happiest weddings I have seen last Saturday, February 7. My nephew (son of a much older cousin) got married and the entire ceremony and reception was a joy to attend and witness.

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Never knew Philippine Plaza was a great spot for a wedding reception. The couple timed it so that guests would be having cocktails at past 5, when you could view the sunset. They had their photo session by the sea and since their hired photographer was using digital equipment, all the wedding photos were already flashed for all the guests to see during the reception. Their photos looked so good.

There were also the bubbles as they made their entry into the tent at Philippine Plaza. As they danced, there were fireworks (I don't know if that's what you call it but it was set up right near the dancefloor) and a blast of really colorful confetti. There was also a video prepared by my other nephew (a brother of the groom who looks like he could replace any of the F4 members) entitled: "When C Met G."

I really like attending weddings. I suppose most couples do. Sort of reminds you of how you started off. As I was listening to the pastor during the ceremony, he made this statement: "Marriage is not the result of love. Rather, it is an opportunity to love." Of course, ideally and logically, you should love the one that you marry. As you go on with your relationship though, there may be times when you or your spouse may not be too lovable and yet, you continue to show affection.

In a few days, it will be Valentine's Day. At Sunday mass yesterday, Fr. Ferry (the priest who officiated my own nuptial mass) suggested that although it is a day for cards and flowers and chocolates, he would enjoin all couples to go to mass together on February 14 and ask God to continue to bless their love for each other. Great suggestion, right? Want to suggest that to your partners?

In all situations, things are a matter of perspective. My dad left the reception place briefly last Saturday and missed the fireworks. When he came back, my mother excitedly told him: "May fireworks pa." (There were fireworks.). To which my ever practical and cool dad replied: "Kaya pala amoy pulbura." (That's why I smell gunpowder.)

To all, may you have a great and love-filled week. Happy Valentine's Day. May your days be as light as a bubble. May things fall into place. May blessings fill your life like colorful confetti. Focus on the fireworks - not the gunpowder. :-)

(For photos, please see Manuel's When Chino Met Gela)

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, February 9, 2004] [an error occurred while processing this directive]

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