My son Adi is 5 going on, I don't know what age. I think that's how it is with kids. They say things sometimes which make us adults stop and think if we've been fooled into thinking that we know more than they do.

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I'm sure your kid has often blurted out things which surprise you. Like when Adi says: "It's a deal," after I tell him how things will go. Or when he says: "That's clear" - after some older person gives him some instructions. Now that we have a new baby in the house, our room is sometimes filled with "hunger" cries. As I frantically mix milk to give to a screaming Ali, I have a 5-year old pacing around our room saying: "You have to be quick, mom" over and over. Talk about double pressure.

Anyway, as my in-laws (now you see from whom the hubby takes after) would say, Adi seems to be an old soul. My father-in-law fondly calls him: Adi - dot clever old man.

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, March 5, 2002] [an error occurred while processing this directive]

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