Learn these Tagalog words and phrases related to the head.

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Head – Ulo
my head – ang ulo ko

My head hurts. – Masakit ang ulo ko.
painful – masakit

I’m angry. – Mainit ang ulo ko.
(Literally, my head is hot.)

hot – mainit

I’ve calmed down. – Malamig na ang ulo ko.
(Literally, my head has become cold.)

cold – malamig
cold now – malamig na

to make cold – palamigin

Wait for me to calm down. – Palamigin mo muna ang ulo ko.
in the meantime – muna
(Allow my head to cool down first.)

to fool someone – bilugin ang ulo
(Literally, to make someone’s head round)

is making someone’s head round, or
is fooling someone – binibilog ang ulo niya

his / her – niya
his head / her head – ang ulo niya

You are being fooled. – Binibilog ang ulo mo.
your head – ang ulo mo

He/She is fooling you. – Binibilog niya ang ulo mo.

Do not fool me. – Huwag mong bilugin ang ulo ko.
don’t – huwag
(you) – mong

You are fooling me. – Binibilog mo ang ulo ko.
(are making round – binibilog)

You’re only fooling me. – Binibilog mo lang ang ulo ko.
only – lang

Variation: Binibilog mo lang ang ulo ko, eh.

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