Learn these Tagalog words and phrases related to the different parts of the body.

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Head – Ulo
Hair – Buhok
Forehead – Noo
Ear – Tenga
Eyebrow – Kilay
Eye – Mata
Eyelash – Pilik-mata
Nose – Ilong
Cheek – Pisngi
Lip – Labi
Mouth – Bibig / Bunganga (less refined; informal)
Tooth – Ngipin
Tongue – Dila
Chin – Baba
Throat – Lalamunan
Neck – Leeg
Shoulder – Balikat
Back – Likod
Arm – Braso
Elbow – Siko
Hand – Kamay
Palm – Palad
Finger – Daliri
Wrist – Galang-galangan
Chest – Dibdib
Stomach – Tiyan
Navel / Bellybutton – Pusod
Waist – Baywang
Hip – Balakang
Lap – Kandungan
Thigh – Hita
Leg – Binti
Knee – Tuhod
Foot – Paa
Sole (of the foot) – Talampakan
Heel – Sakong

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