Learn these Tagalog words and phrases related health, skill, or recovery…

Magaling – well
Galing – skillful (stress is on the second syllable: LING)

Ang galing mo! – You’re skillful.

GA-ling – came from (stress is on the first syllable: GA)
Galing sa bahay. – Came from the house.
Bahay – house

Kamusta ka? – How are you?

Galing ako sa ospital. – I came from the hospital.
Bakit? – Why?

Galing ako sa sakit. – I’ve just recovered from an illness.
Magaling ka na ba? – Are you well?

Hindi pa. – Not yet.
O, pagaling ka. – O, get well.

Magaling-galing. – I’m feeling a bit better.
O, pagaling ka pa. – Get better/healthier.

Magaling na! – I’m fully recovered.
Eh di, magaling! – Well in that case, that’s great!

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