This Tagalog podcast is about luggage and traveling. For example, what happens if you lose your luggage? How do you ask for help?

Tagalog Words and Phrases

Biyahe – travel
Bagahe / Maleta – luggage (singular)

Mga bagahe / Mga maleta – luggage (plural)

Nawawalang maleta – lost luggage
Nawawala ang maleta. – The luggage is missing.
Nawawala ang maleta ko. – My luggage is missing.

Tulungan ninyo po ako. – Please help me. (respectful)

magaan – lightweight
mabigat – heavy

magaan ang maleta – the luggage is light or lightweight.
mabigat ang maleta – the luggage is heavy.

i-check in mo iyan – check that in
i-hand carry mo yan – hand carry that
i-hand carry mo na lang yan – just hand carry that

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