Here are some Tagalog phrases for those who are feeling a bit nauseated, perhaps due to the heat, hunger or a low blood sugar level…

Nahihilo ako. – I feel dizzy.
Ang init kasi. – Because it’s so hot.

Nagugutom ako. – I feel hungry.
Nauuhaw ako. – I feel thirsty.

Wala (po / ho) ba kayong… – Don’t you have any… (po / ho is the respectful form)
Meron (po / ho) ba kayong… – Do you have any…

… kendi diyan? – … candy there?
… makakain diyan? – … thing to eat there?
… maiinom diyan? – … thing to drink there?

Maraming salamat (po). – Thank you very much. (respectful form; for elders)

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