Here are Tagalog words related to birthdays, plus a contemporary Philippine birthday song.

Maligayang kaarawan – Happy Birthday (formal)
Maligayang bati – Happy Greetings
Hapi bertdey – Happy Birthday (colloquial Tagalog)

Sa iyo / Sa ‘yo – From you, to you, assigned to you
ang inumin – the drinks
ang pulutan – the appetizers or food snacks that go with the drinks

Sana ay / Sana’y – it is hoped that… OR we hope that…
Mabusog mo kami – You make us feel full (of food / drink)
mo – you
kami – us
mabusog – to make full or sated

And here’s the modern Philippine Birthday song:

Hapi, hapi, hapi bertdey
Sa ‘yo ang inumin
Sa ‘yo ang pulutan
Hapi, hapi, hapi bertdey
Sana’y mabusog mo kami!

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