July 2006

When it rains, some Filipinos will share an umbrella as a sanctuary from the storm.

Ang lakas ng ulan – It’s raining hard.
Lakas – strong
ulan – rain

Pwedeng maki-sukob? – May I share your umbrella?
Halika – Come here
Sukob na. – Share my umbrella.

Sukob – Superstition. Siblings should not get married in the same year. Or, no child should get married in the same year as the parent’s death.

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Tagalog Words and Phrases related to Time

Anong oras na? – What time is it?
Ano(ng) – what
oras – time
na – now

Menos diez para las siete
Menos dyis para las siete – 10 minutes before 7:00

Ang oras na ito ay hatid sa inyo ng C2 Green Tea -
The time was brought to you by C2 Green Tea.
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Sampung minuto bago sumapit ang ika-pito ng umaga – 10 minutes before 7am
Sampu(ng) – 10
minuto – minutes
bago – before
sumapit – arrives
ang ika-pito – the seventh (hour)
ng umaga – of the morning

Menos balat, para buto – Minus the skin, so that you’ll see the bone

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