Here are Tagalog phrases you’ll hear in Philippine restaurants.

Filipinos love to eat. Whether it’s in a fine dining restaurant, a fastfood joint, a bistro, or even a streetside carinderia, you’ll find Pinoys talking, drinking, and eating to our hearts’ content. Learn some Tagalog phrases to say in between mouthfuls.

Tagalog Words / Phrases

ristawran, ristoran – restaurant
panciteria – Chinese restaurant

Waiter, pahingi po ng menu. – Waiter, the menu, please. (polite form)
Waiter, ang menu nga. – Waiter, the menu.

Anong masarap dito? – What is delicious here?
Anong ispeysyal nyo? – What’s your specialty?

Isang (order ng)… – One order of…
Dalawang (order ng)… – Two orders of…
Tatlong (order ng)… – Three orders of…
Apat na (order ng)… – Four orders of…
Apat na kape – Four (cups of ) coffee…

Gulay – vegetables
Pakbet – Combination of squash, string beans, okra
Ampalaya – bitter gourd
Ampalaya con carne – bitter gourd with beef

Manok – chicken
Tinolang manok – boiled chicken in chicken stock soup with green papaya
Piniritong manok – fried chicken

Adobo – meat boiled in vinegar and soy sauce
Adobong manok/baboy – Chicken/pork cooked adobo style

Nilagang baka/baboy – boiled beef/pork
Sinigang na baka/hipon/baboy – boiled beef/shrimp/pork in sour broth

Lumpia – egg roll
Lumpiang ubod – egg roll with mince banana heart

Wala bang panghimagas? – Any dessert?
Anong matamis? – Anything sweet?
Ubeng halaya – sweetened purple yam
Halo-halo – Crushed ice with sweetened fruit chunks, red beans, coconut strips

Meron bang mangga? – Do you have mangoes?
Matamis ba? – Are they sweet?

Waiter, ang chit nga… – Waiter, the bill please…

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