Here are Tagalog lessons about phrases parents usually tell their children.

Filipino parents don’t usually praise children. Instead, we easily jump at the chance to tell someone off, particularly when they mess up. If you want to scold a Filipino, try these Tagalog parental phrases, but deliver them with a smile. This will help get your point across, while easing the tension at the same time. Your smile helps tone down the criticism, yet the familiar words may evoke a nostalgic sense of obedience.

Tagalog Words / Phrases

Hala ka…- Watch out…
Sige ka… – Keep doing what you’re doing and…
Makikita mo… – You’ll see…
Lagot ka… – You’re dead meat…

Pag di mo nakita yan – If you don’t find that lost item
Makikita mo – You’re going to get it (literally: you’re going to see/find it)

Kung ahas yan… – If that were a snake…
Natuka ka na. – You would’ve been bitten.

Kita mo? – See what I mean? (literally: you see)
Sinasabi ko na nga ba, eh. – I knew it! (literally: that’s what I’ve been saying)

Papunta ka pa lang – You’re just on your way there
Pabalik na ako – I’m on my way back
Papunta ka pa lang, pabalik na ako. – Been there, done that.

Marami ka pang kakaining kanin – You still have a lot of rice to eat.

Aber? – Well? (What have you to say to that?)

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