December 2005

Here are Tagalog lessons about the New Year.

Filipinos have several beliefs about the coming New Year. For example, some of us believe that wearing clothes with polka dots will usher in a year of prosperity because the dots look like money (coins). The more dots, the more money.

We’re also asked to eat twelve round fruits (usually grapes). One fruit for each “bong” of the clock at midnight. The round fruits represent money since our coins are round. It also helps if you have money in your pocket.

Children are also asked to jump like crazy at the stroke of midnight. The higher they jump, the taller they will grow in the coming year.

People who owe you money are encouraged to settle their debts before the year ends, lest they stay in debt the rest of the new year.

All the lights in the house are switched on. Doors and windows are also opened to bring in good luck. Unfortunately, that also brings in the smoke from the firecrackers.

Tagalog Words / Phrases

Magsuot ka ng damit na may polka dots – Wear something with polka dots.
Kumain ka ng labindalawang ubas – Eat 12 grapes.
May pera ka na ba sa bulsa? – Do you have money in your pocket?

Tumalon kayong lahat – Jump, all of you.
Taasan ninyo – Higher!

Binayaran mo na ba ang utang mo? – Have you settled your debts?

Buksan lahat ng ilaw – Open all the lights.
Buksan ang pinto – Open the door.
Buksan lahat ng bintana – Open the windows.

Ang ingay! – It’s so noisy!
O, mag-ingat sa paputok – Hey, be careful of firecrackers.
Ang usok… – There’s so much smoke.

Maligayang Pasko – Merry Christmas
at – and a…
Manigong Bagong Taon – Happy New Year!

Maligo kayo – Take a bath
sa bagong taon – In the coming year

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Here are Tagalog lessons about hospitals and hospital visits.

saang ospital siya naka-confine? – in which hospital is he confined?

napano si Tito? – what happened to Uncle?
anong nangyari? – what happened?
may lagnat siya – he has fever
isang linggo na – it’s been a week

anong sabi ng doctor? – what did the doctor say?

hanggang kelan siya sa ospital? – until when will he be in the hospital?
ah, lumabas na siya – oh, he was discharged already
nung makalawa pa – since two days ago

pagaling ka, ha? – get well soon, ok?
hinay-hinay lang – take it easy

pasalubong – gift

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Here are Tagalog lessons and stories about waiting and getting fetched at the airport.

Quick review:
makulimlim – overcast / hazy
takbo – run

maputik ang daan – the roads are muddy
ubod ng trapik – traffic is terrible

sunduin mo ako sa airport – fetch me at the airport
umikot ka na lang – just keep going around
maghintay ka sa parking – wait in the parking lot

pwedeng mahiram ang cellphone mo? – may I borrow your cellphone?
babayaran ko ang tawag – I will pay for the call
wala pong load – it does not have any load credits

ang tagal kong naghintay – I waited for such a long time.
nalanghap ko na lahat ng usok – I inhaled all the exhaust fumes.

tinawagan kita sa cell mo – I tried calling you on your cellphone.
pero di kita ma-contact – but I couldn’t reach you.

eh syempre! – but of course!
patay na ang baterya – the battery was dead

paano na yan? – so, how’s that?
wala lang cellphone, bagsak na? – if there’s no cellphone, then everything falls apart?

Bugtong (Riddle):
Ibon sa langit (Bird in the sky)
Umiiyak (cries)
Habang lumilipad (while it flies)

Sagot (Answer): Eroplano (Airplane)

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