November 2005

Some of the music (flute and guitar) included in the podcast are from Paskong Pinoy, with Ray Sison on the flute and Lionel Valdellon on guitar. To order the CD, please get in touch with Ms. Melanie Dujunco ( at mobile number +63917-3785261.

Or order online at:

Tagalog words / phrases
paalam – goodbye (formal)
hanggang sa muli – until the next time
sa uulitin – until we do this again

Maligayang Pasko – Merry Christmas
at Manigong Bagong Taon – and a Happy New Year

simbanggabi – early morning masses before Christmas
ensaimada – kind of bread with cheese

Darna – what Narda shouts after she swallows a special stone. She then transforms into Darna, a superhero who can fly and battle beasts, giants and other creatures that threaten the Philippines.

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Speaking Tagalog is not enough. Sometimes, you need to speak Pilipino English, or English with a Pinoy accent. Example words: journal, country, southern. If you pronounce English correctly, you might not be able to connect with some listeners who might call you “Bostonian”.

Tagalog words / phrases
magkita tayo sa… – let’s meet in the…
mayabang – boastful
Ma, bayad po – Mister, here’s my payment (for the jeepney fare)
Ma, kulang po – Mister, it (the change you gave me) is not enough
bakit? – why?
magkano ang binigay ko? – how much did I give you?
ano? – what?

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