Learn these Tagalog words and phrases related to the different parts of the body.

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Head – Ulo
Hair – Buhok
Forehead – Noo
Ear – Tenga
Eyebrow – Kilay
Eye – Mata
Eyelash – Pilik-mata
Nose – Ilong
Cheek – Pisngi
Lip – Labi
Mouth – Bibig / Bunganga (less refined; informal)
Tooth – Ngipin
Tongue – Dila
Chin – Baba
Throat – Lalamunan
Neck – Leeg
Shoulder – Balikat
Back – Likod
Arm – Braso
Elbow – Siko
Hand – Kamay
Palm – Palad
Finger – Daliri
Wrist – Galang-galangan
Chest – Dibdib
Stomach – Tiyan
Navel / Bellybutton – Pusod
Waist – Baywang
Hip – Balakang
Lap – Kandungan
Thigh – Hita
Leg – Binti
Knee – Tuhod
Foot – Paa
Sole (of the foot) – Talampakan
Heel – Sakong

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Learn these Tagalog words and phrases related Pastors and Christians…

Open your Bibles to… or Turn your Bibles to…
Buksan (po) natin ang ating Bibliya sa…

  • Buksan – to open
  • Buksan po natin – let us open (formal/respectful)
  • ang ating – our
  • Bibliya – Bible
  • sa – to

Chapter – Capitulo
Verse – Bersiculo

Where do you go to Church?
Saan ka nagsisimba?
Saan po kayo nagsisimba? (formal/respectful)

I am Pastor Dan. / I am a Pastor
Ako po ay si Pastor Dan.
Ako po ay isang Pastor.

Are you saved? (as in Born Again)
Ikaw ba’y ligtas na?
Kayo po ba’y ligtas na? (formal/respectful)

Are you a Christian?
Ikaw ba ay Kristiyano?
Kayo po ba’y Kristiyano? (formal/respectful)

Say “Amen” if you agree with me!
Kung sumasang-ayon po kayo sa akin, paki bigkas po lamang ang “Amen”

  • kung – if
  • sumasang-ayon – are agreeing or are in agreement with
  • po – respectful word
  • kayo – you
  • sa akin – with me (in this context)
  • paki – please
  • bigkas – to utter; to speak out

Have you told Jesus you love Him today?
Nasabi mo na ba ngayong araw kay Hesus na mahal mo Siya?

  • nasabi mo na ba – have you said
  • ngayong araw – today
  • kay Hesus – to Jesus
  • na – that
  • mahal mo Siya – you love Him

I’ll preach in English – You can praise God in Tagalog
Magpapahayag po ako sa ingles…
Maaari po kayong magbigay-puri sa Diyos sa Tagalog/Filipino

Jesus is coming soon. (Referring to His Second Coming)
Malapit na ang muling pagbabalik ni Hesus.

  • malapit – near
  • muling – once again; second time
  • pagbabalik – return
  • ni – of
  • Hesus – Jesus

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Learn these Tagalog words and phrases related health, skill, or recovery…

Magaling – well
Galing – skillful (stress is on the second syllable: LING)

Ang galing mo! – You’re skillful.

GA-ling – came from (stress is on the first syllable: GA)
Galing sa bahay. – Came from the house.
Bahay – house

Kamusta ka? – How are you?

Galing ako sa ospital. – I came from the hospital.
Bakit? – Why?

Galing ako sa sakit. – I’ve just recovered from an illness.
Magaling ka na ba? – Are you well?

Hindi pa. – Not yet.
O, pagaling ka. – O, get well.

Magaling-galing. – I’m feeling a bit better.
O, pagaling ka pa. – Get better/healthier.

Magaling na! – I’m fully recovered.
Eh di, magaling! – Well in that case, that’s great!

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