Learn these Tagalog words and phrases related to twins, pairs, or partners…

Twin – Kambal
Your twin – Kambal mo
You are twins. – Magkambal kayo.
They are twins. – Magkambal sila.

Together with you in… or Partnering with you in… or Your partner in…
Kakambal mo sa…

Growth – Paglaki

Growing with you or Your partner in growth
Kakambal mo sa paglaki. (identical growth)

When addressing a group respectfully, change “mo” (singular) to “ninyo” (plural, or singular [respectful form])

Kakambal ninyo sa paglaki.

Shortcut version: n’yo
Kakambal n’yo sa paglaki.

Progress – Pag-unlad
Kakambal n’yo sa pag-unlad.

Kambal Sa Uma – Popular afternoon TV drama.
Uma – joint, or place where two things meet.

Kambal sa uma = Twins at the joint / Twins at the bond

Stars Shaina Magdayao and Melissa Ricks.

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