Learn these Tagalog words and phrases related to greeting relatives or friends you haven’t seen in a long time.

Natutuwa ako – I am happy
na makita – to see
kayong lahat – all of you
muli. – again.

ako na makita is shortened to
akong makita

Natutuwa akong makita kayong lahat muli. – I am happy to see all of you again.

Informal / Familiar

long time no see, ah.

Na-miss ko kayong lahat. – I missed all of you.
Na-miss ko kayo. – I missed you (plural).
Na-miss kita. – I missed you (singular).

Nami-miss ko kayong lahat. – I miss all of you.
Nami-miss ko kayo. – I miss you (plural).
Nami-miss kita. – I miss you.

Mami-miss ko kayong lahat. – I will miss all of you.
Mami-miss ko kayo. – I will miss you (plural).
Mami-miss kita. – I will miss you.

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