Here are Tagalog words you can use when you are lost and are looking for directions.

Saan – where
Saan po – where (respectful form)
ang (daan) papuntang – the way to

Paano – how
pumunta sa – to go to

Mount Sea Resort – (the name of the place)
Tanza, Cavite – (the name of the place)

Deretso – straight ahead
Kaliwa – left
Kumaliwa – make a left

Kanan – right
Kumanan – make a right

Kanto – corner

Lampas – passed / overshot
Lumampas na kayo – You’ve gone past your destination.

Pagkalampas ninyo (ng) – when you go past (the)

Tulay – bridge
Petron/Shell/Caltex – names of gas stations
Unang kanto – first corner
Pangalawang kanto – second corner
Pangatlong kanto – third corner

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