Here are Tagalog lessons about Semana Santa or Holy Week.

Holy Week is an important part of Philippine culture. It’s a time to pause and reflect on the state of your spiritual development, spend time with your family (particularly with your grandparents), deepen your relationship with God, or quickly recharge your office-fried brain with a quick three-day soak in the beach.

Tagalog Words / Phrases

Mahal na araw – Holy Week (literally: days of love)

Domingo de Ramos / Linggo ng Palaspas – Palm Sunday
Lunes Santo – Holy Monday
Martes Santo – Holy Tuesday
Miyerkoles Santo – Holy Wednesday
Huwebes Santo – Maundy Thursday
Biyernes Santo – Good Friday
Sabado de Gloria – Black Saturday

Don’t do these on Good Friday:
Huwag kang maligo. – Don’t take a bath.
Huwag kang lalabas. – Don’t go out.
Huwag kang gagawa ng mabigat. – Don’t work (or engage in heavy labor).
Bawal kumain ng karne. – Eating meat is prohibited.

Biyernes Santong Biyernes Santo, eh… – It’s Good Friday, fer cryin’ out loud…

Pasko ng Pagkabuhay – Easter Sunday
Linggo ng muling pagkabuhay – Easter Sunday
Pasko – Christmas
Linggo – Sunday
pagkabuhay – life

Pasyon – Passion (of the life of Christ)
Pabasa – reading /chanting
Bisita Iglesia – visit churches
Senaculo – dramatization / play / re-enactment of the Passion of Christ

Deboto – flagellants
kusang palo – initiative
kusa – self
palo – spank

Hudas – Judas
Hudas ka! – Betrayer! (Or: You are like Judas)
Nanghudas – betrayed
Ipinagkanulo – betrayed / handed over to one’s enemies (what Judas did to Christ)

God knows Hudas not pay. – God knows who does not pay.
(Sign found in some jeepneys)

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