Here are Tagalog phrases about honeymoons and weddings.

In the Philippines, weddings are rarely just about two people in love. They’re usually about family. Big families. And their neighbors. And officemates. And yes, even the corner sari-sari store owner. For Filipinos, it’s not a simple “welcome to my family”… it’s more of a “welcome to my world.”

Tagalog Words / Phrases

Kelan ba ako hihigop ng mainit na sabaw? – When will I drink/sup hot soup? [When are you getting married?]
kelan/kailan – when
hihigop – sup; drink from a spoon
mainit – hot
sabaw – soup

Sino ang ninong/ninang? – Who are your godfathers/godmothers? (Principal sponsors)
Sino ang mga abay? – Who are your secondary sponsors?
Aabay ka ba sa kasal? – Will you be a secondary sponsor at the wedding?
Ninong ka ba sa kasal? – Are you a wedding godfather?
Ninang ka ba sa kasal? – Are you a wedding godmother?

Magbubukod ba kayo? – Will you live away from your parents?

Duon muna kami kina Mommy. – We will live (temporarily) in my mom’s place.
duon – there
muna – for the now, for the time being
kami – us/we

biyenan – mother-in-law or father-in-law
manugang – son-in-law or daughter-in-law
balae – what the parents of the groom/bride call the parents of the bride/groom
kumpare – what the parents of the groom/bride call the father of the bride/groom
kumare – what the parents of the groom/bride call the mother of the bride/groom
bayaw – brother-in-law
hipag – sister-in-law

Tingnan mo ang nanay. – Look at the mom.
Naluluha. – She’s teary-eyed.

Tingnan mo ang tatay. – Look at the dad.
Sumisinghot. – He’s sniffling.

I-spits, i-spits! – Speech, speech! (When you ask someone to give a speech)

Bigyang parangal ang bagong kasal! – Let’s give honor/tribute to the newlyweds!
bigyan – give
parangal – honor/tribute
bago – new
kasal – wedding
bagong kasal – newlyweds

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