Here are Tagalog lessons about public transport systems and commuting.

Filipinos get from place to place by riding pedicabs, tricycles, taxis, FX vans, buses, or even the Metro Rail Transport (MRT).

Tagalog Words / Phrases

Magkano hanggang… – How much from here to… (destination)
Bayad po. – Here’s my payment.
Para. – Stop.
Diyan lang sa tabi. – Please stop on the side. (Please pull over.)
Sa tabi lang po. – Please stop at the curb. [respectful form]
Sandali lang. – Just a moment, please.
Makikiraan po. – Excuse me. Please let me pass.

Kayo na ang bahala. – It’s up to you (how much you want to pay me).
Pwede na ba ang bente-kwatro? – Is P24.00 enough?

Lakad na! – Let’s go.
Mag-FX tayo. – Let’s ride an FX van.
Saan tayo bababa? – Where will we disembark?
Ilang sakay? – How many rides will we take?

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