Here are Tagalog lessons about people meeting after a long time and commenting on how each one looks.

Filipinos will usually notice something new about you if they haven’t seen you for quite some time. It can be your new hair cut, your added weight, your shed pounds, or how great you look.

Tagalog Words / Phrases

Uy, long time no see. – Hey, long time no see. (Haven’t seen you for quite some time.)

Wow, bagong gupit, ah. – Wow, you have a new haircut.
Okay, ah. – Looks fine.
Ayos, ah! – Looks great!
Buhay pa ba ang barbero? – Is your barber still alive?

Oist, ang taba mo na, ah! – Hey/Pssst, you’ve gained weight!
Naku, tumaba ka! – Oh no, you’ve grown fat!

Uuuuy, ang payat mo na, ah! – Heeey, you’re so slim!
Ay, ang payat mo na… – Oh no, you’ve lost so much weight…

Lalo kang bumata… – You look younger…
Anong sikreto mo? – What’s your secret?

Wow, blooming tayo ngayon, ah. – My, aren’t we blooming today…
Mukhang inspired ka. – You look inspired. (read: in love)

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