Here are Tagalog lessons about love, in preparation for Valentine’s.

The Fugitive Mutineer Faeldon Was Arrested last Friday, after more than a month in hiding. He was with his girlfriend who was surveilled by authorities.

Yes, love can be costly at times, but that doesn’t stop people from getting smitten. If you’re willing to let yourself go a bit crazy because of love, try surprising your Filipino friends with these.

Tagalog Words / Phrases

Mahal kita. – I love you.
Lagi kitang hinahanap. – I keep looking for you.
Lagi kitang iniisip. – I always think of you.
Ikaw ang laman ng puso ko. – You are in my heart.
Ang sarap mong kausap. – It’s so nice to converse with you.
Ang sarap mong kasama. – It’s so nice to be with you.
Kelan kita makikita muli? – When will I see you again?

Popular Filipino Love Song — Dahil Sa Iyo (by Mike Velarde)

Dahil sa ‘yo (Because of you)
Nais kong mabuhay (I want to live)
Dahil sa ‘yo (Because of you)
Hanggang mamatay (for the rest of my life)

Dapat mong tantuin (You should know)
Wala nang ibang giliw (There’s no other love)
Puso ko’y tanungin (Ask my heart)
Ikaw at ikaw rin (There’s you and only you)

Dahil sa ‘yo (Because of you)
Ako’y lumigaya (I’ve become happy)
Pagmamahal (Love…)
Ay alayan ka (Is what I offer to you)
Kung tunay man ako (If it’s true that I…)
Ay alipinin mo (…will be enslaved by you)
Ang lahat sa buhay ko’y (Everything in my life’s)
Dahil sa ‘yo (Because of you)

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