Here are Tagalog lessons about eating and food.

Perhaps it has something to do with the Philippines’ agricultural background, but Filipinos place great, if not almost religious, importance on eating. Others may engage in small talk about the weather, but Filipinos will ask each other if he or she has already eaten. Food offers are pretty much expected, but you walk a fine line when deciding whether to accept or not. Welcome to the Filipino world of food.

Tagalog Words / Phrases

Nag-almusal ka na? – Have you had breakfast?
Mag kape ka muna. – Have some coffee.
Eto, pan de sal… – Here, have some bread.

Kumain ka na? – Have you eaten?
Hindi pa. – Not yet.
Kain na… – Eat…
Sige ka – Watch out
Baka malipasan ka (ng gutom) – You might lose your appetite.

Kain – [A Pinoy offers to share his food. Non-verbal gesture: thrusting one's chin towards one's chest.]
Sige, salamat – That’s all right, thanks.
Kumain na ako. – I’ve already eaten.

O, kain nang kain… – Keep on eating… (at a party)
Huwag na kayong mahiya. – Don’t be shy.
Balik kayo… – Go back for seconds.
O, magbalot kayo ng pagkain ha? – Bring some food home, okay?

O, meryenda na! – It’s time for an afternoon snack.

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