Here are Tagalog lessons about splurging and conserving.

We Filipinos are expected to splurge and share the wealth. Whether you won the lottery, or got a raise, or even if it’s your birthday, you’re expected to give something to others. This can be in the form of money, or even by treating your friends and colleagues to a meal or afternoon snack.

Even during town festivals or fiestas, Filipinos are expected to prepare enough food to feed who knows how many people. Folks go house-to-house to spend time talking, and more time eating and drinking. Sometimes, however, not enough people visit. I wonder what the cooks will do with the excess food.

I heard over the radio that we will need to conserve in the coming months. Perhaps we can start with our eating/splurging habits…

Tagalog Words / Phrases

Nanalo ako sa lotto! – I won in the lottery!
Congrats, pare! – Congratulations, my friend!
Balato naman, o… – Care to share with me a bit of your good fortune? (rough translation)
Ikaw naman… – You…

Hapi bertday! – Happy Birthday!
Salamat – Thanks.
O, ilibre mo naman kami… – O, treat us to something…
Sige! Libreng palakpak… – Sure! A free applause…
Magpa-canton ka naman. – Serve us some pancit canton (noodles).
Wala bang pantulak? – Won’t you serve drinks?

Pasensiya na, ha? – Please try to understand…
Medyo hapit muna ako. – I need to conserve (for now).

Yung pinanghalian… – What was served for lunch…
…pwedeng panghapunan. – …can be served for dinner.
Ang tawag diyan ay memorized o replay. – That’s called “memorized” or “replay”.

Dapat magtipid. – We need to conserve.
Kelangan pa bang i-memorize yan? – Do I still have to say that? (literally: Does that still need to be memorized?)

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