Here are Tagalog lessons, riddles and trivia about the weather.

Kamusta ang panahon? (How’s the weather?)

mainit – hot
mabanas / ang banas – humid
mahangin – it’s windy
malamig – it’s cold
umaambon – it’s drizzling
maulan – rainy
bumubuhos ang ulan – it’s raining very hard
umaanggi ang ulan – it’s raining sideways
umuulan ng yelo – it’s raining ice (ice is falling from the sky)
baha ang mga kalye – the streets are flooded
may bagyo – there’s a storm
kumukulog – there’s thunder
kumikidlat – there’s lightning
may ipu-ipo – there’s a tornado
sumasabog ang bulkan – there’s a volcanic explosion
lumilindol – there’s an earthquake
katamtaman lang – just right

Bugtong (Riddle):
Buhok ni Adan (The hair of Adam)
hindi mabilang. (cannot be counted.)

Sagot (Answer): Ulan (rain)

The elders say that the first rains of the month of May are collected, and this rainwater is turned into holy water. But I won’t dip my fingers in the holy water receptacle in a certain chapel in Novaliches anymore. ;-)

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