Caesarean Birth
Photo copyright 2002 by Manuel Viloria.
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This is the unretouched photo scan of the digitally enhanced one shown in

Actually, the scan doesn't do justice to the original photo, which was taken using an Olympus Mju Zoom 140 (point, click and shoot) and Kodak Max (ASA 400, 135mm).

The digital enhancements I made involved boosting the contrast and hue saturation, deepening the shadows, and blacking out extraneous background elements. There were three people at the operating or CS table: the Lead Surgeon lifted Baby Ali (note the limp arms suggesting infant exhaustion as Angel was fully dilated at 10cm and was pushing for about 3.5 hours), the Asst Surgeon cut the umbilical cord (lower left), while the Intern worked the nasal suction thingie.

My friend Dindin says I should go buy a good camera, but I worry about the portability of bulky, black, siga-looking cameras. (Siga is the Pilipino term for "neighborhood toughie.") Besides, I hardly use film -- 1 roll a month?