Wednesday, December 4, 2002

Have you ever wondered why someone ignored your email? Chances are, your message wasn't even read because something called "SpamAssassin" labeled your email as "spam" (unsolicited commercial email), and your recipient probably just deleted your message.

SpamAssassin looks for certain patterns in your email, and assigns "spam points" depending on certain words that you typed in there. If your score is 5.0 or higher, your email's subject line is edited -- SpamAssassin inserts "* SPAM*" at the start of your email.

The result: Your recipient thinks your message is spam (along with the hundreds of other emails clogging their inbox), and promptly deletes your message.

Wouldn't it be great if you could know your "spam score" ahead of time, edit your message so that it gets a score lower than 5.0, and improve the chances that your message gets read in the first place? Here's how...


Posted by Manuel [Are Your Emails Being Ignored? (or: How To Get Your Email Past SpamAssassin)]