Thursday, April 11, 2002

Don't know how to send this reply to the "anonymous coward" who emailed me, but anyway this is for him/her...

Dear "EMM" (that's just a nickname I'm using... bear with me)

Thanks for writing, and for appreciating the past lessons in LP, IP and matrices. Thanks also for the insight on Philippine culture and the "inherent streak of vindictiveness." I'm just disappointed, though, for the lack of....

The last time I looked, and as far as I remember the people I met at the University of the Philippines, you were made of sterner stuff. I dunno... perhaps time and distance have a way of changing us. Or perhaps it's the lack of youngblood in wherever place you find yourself today.

Anyway, thanks again for anonymously writing. But next time (if ever), magpakatotoo ka naman. Sana.

Posted by Manuel [Dear Anonymous Coward]

jpg-adi-bag (28k image)

Last April 6, our IT Group had a day of swimming and eating at Club Manila East in Taytay, Rizal. Adi had his fill of morning swimming and sliding, plus lunch. I could tell he wanted to go home in the early afternoon.

He was bored.

Yup, enough to want to burst an air-filled plastic bag (thanks to instant-Uncle Van) on the back of my boss. I think he whomped her about five times because the bag wouldn't pop.

Geez. Talk about a career move. Hehe.

Posted by Manuel [Pop Bagging My Boss]

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

I was trying to convince my son, Adi, to eat his vegetables one evening. I knew he wanted to grow big so that he could trounce any bully, so...

Me: Adi, finish your vegetables.

Adi: Why?

Me: Look at me. I finish my veggies. When I was your age, I ate all my veggies, too.

Adi: And...??

Me: Well, you'll grow strong. And when you reach my age, you'll look like this... (I roll up my sleeves)

Adi: Thin?

Posted by Manuel [Eat Your Veggies]