Friday, February 21, 2003

Johnell asks if there's a store in the Philippines that offers the AIPTEK line of pencams...

Can't remember which computer store I saw those AIPTEK pencams in, but if I remember correctly, it was on the same level and same side as The French Baker in SM Megamall. The products I saw did not look like my old trusty Aiptek Pencam II VGA.

These shorter, darker colored pencams on display are Aiptek PCM13 PenCam 1.3MP Digital Cameras. I haven't tried this newer model, and the reviews are not exactly encouraging, but if you need a small camera and are willing to tweak images using a graphics program, then give the Aiptek Pencam a try!

(By the way, if you're skeptical of what pencams can do, please visit Dave Faris' and be amazed, if not envious... hehehe.) [more]

Posted by Manuel [AIPTEK Pencams in the Philippines]