MacBook Apps for Windows

If you're searching for alternatives to great MacBook apps which can run in Windows, then join me in my journey.

Are there MacBook apps that can run in Windows? Are there alternatives?

For example, I'm looking at various Markdown Editors for Windows:

WriteMonkey ( - There's a "Copy HTML" keyboard shortcut, although I'm wondering if this is conflicting with another shortcut in PhraseExpress.

ResophNotes ( allows you to preview the Markdown syntax of your current note. Simply press Ctrl+M, although I'm looking for a way to change the default font. This looks like an nvALT for Windows, and even allows you to automatically sync to a Dropbox folder.

MarkdownPad ( - Needs the Microsoft .NET 4 Client Profile. MarkdownPad 2 has a terrific live preview panel on the right side, so that you can see immediately what your text will look like later on.

You can export to HTML (in the free version) and PDF (in the Pro version).

I'll most likely go for the Pro version of MarkdownPad 2.

Texts ( - Markdown Editor for Mac OS X, Windows and iOS. Free to evaluate, though for continued use you will need to purchase a license. A single per-user license allows you to use Texts on Mac OS X and Windows with a single license.

Texts allows you to use Ctrl keys. You may also type Markdown text directly, although the symbols disappear since there's only one window. You should check out the sample on Math typesetting.

We will continue searching for some kind of ByWord for Windows, which will allow us to type and easily send those text documents to or

MindNode and MindMapping for Windows

FreeMind ( is easy to use. We're trying to figure out how to export those mindmaps into outlines that we can use in MS Word.

FreePlane ( is, as some people say, an improved version of FreeMind. You can export your outline as an Excel spreadsheet.

Assemble Long Documents in Windows

Do you want to write a novel, a thesis, or a long business report, then try Scrivener for Windows ( from Literature and Latte.

It's not exactly like Scrivener for the Mac, but it helps you organize your random pieces of writing.

I'm still trying to figure out how to export or compile the Scrivener files into an outline that works inside MS Word.

Other Mac apps we hope to see in Windows are: FoldingText, DayOne

So here's the workflow:

1. Take quick notes (nvALT for Mac, ResophNotes for Windows, NotationalAcceleration for Android)
2. Create an outline (MindNode for Mac, FreeMind/FreePlane for Windows)
3. Write your text (ByWord for Mac, MarkdownPad 2 for Windows, Texts for Windows)
4. Assemble your text (Scrivener)
5. Prettify your text (Pages for Mac, MS Word 2010 or 2013 for Windows)

We will update this page when we find more info about apps for writers, especially those who are wondering whether they should use a MacBook, an iPad, an Android tablet, or a Windows laptop (Samsung Book 9 Lite?)

[ First posted on 08/28/2013 by Manuel Viloria ]

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