Forzudo Maca Powder

Someone asked if you have hormonal imbalance, and then they start talking about Maca powder, which is made from fresh Maca root.

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They claim that it's the world's strongest adaptogen harvest from the Andes Mountains of Peru. An adaptogen is a "metabolic regulator" that helps you adapt to your environment.

One of the claims is that Maca root optimizes the function of your endocrine system, which produces and balances our hormones.

And if you've been showing signs of low energy, low motivation, low drive, low self-esteem, depression, insomnia, inability to focus, irritability, infertility, hair loss, or even the inability to cope with stress, please consult with your professional healthcare provider and help rule out hormonal imbalance.

Here's how they describe their product:

Forzudo Maca Powder is a powerful tonic that provides clean, healthy, and lasting energy. However, if you lack sleep prior to taking maca, it will make you sleepy. Forzudo Maca Powder corrects your imbalances before it makes you stronger.

Please keep in mind that we haven't personally tried this product. And if you have inquiries, please send those directly to:

Jafer Place Bldg, 19 Eisenhower Road, Unit 1204, Greenhills, San Juan. You may call them at 621-9407, and they're open Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm.

Here's how to prepare coffee with Forzudo Maca Powder:

1. Fill an empty mug with instant coffee mix and 1 to 2 tablespoons of Forzudo Raw Maca Powder.

2. Mix well with a teaspoon before adding water.

3. Fill mug with hot water and mix again. Add cold water afterwards if you wish.

You can also email them at

Again, we haven't seen any claims of therapeutic benefits, so please consult with your doctor first. Thanks!

[ First posted on 08/27/2012 by Manuel Viloria ]

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