VMobile TechnoUser Registration

Here's what happened when we tried to register a VMobile Technouser via SMS text.

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Although this is a cell phone loading business, some people are more interested in the 10% discount they will enjoy when buying SMS cellphone load credits via VMobile.

Anyway, I gave someone a Technouser card, and we noted the ID number which appears on the front of the card.

At the back is a scratch area which we removed to reveal the SAC code.

Since the Technouser is using a Sun simcard, here's the First command to send:

LX REG [ID Number] [SAC] [Birthdate] [Telco] [Full Name]

Ex. LX REG 5412345678 1812345678 08-05-1973 SUN JUAN DELA CRUZ
Allowed Telco Codes: SMART, TNT, GLOBE, TM, SUN, and RED

The Technouser (who is using a Sun simcard) will send the above command to the following Sun Cellular gateway numbers:

0922 858 7515 (if your Sun number ends with an odd number)
0922 858 7514 (if your Sun number ends with an even number)

Here are the other gateway numbers:

0928 522 0815 (Smart - odd)
0928 522 0772 (Smart - even)
0917 552 2615 (Globe - odd)
0917 552 2616 (Globe - even)

After registering, LoadXtreme will text back the Technousers PIK code. Please secure this because this is like your ATM PIN code.

Now the next step is to register the address. The Technouser will send the following code:

LX CHGADDR [ID Number] [PIK] [Complete Address]

Ex. LX CHGADDR 5412345678 123456 1906 Galleria Corporate Ctr. EDSA cor
Ortigas Ave., Quezon City

And send it to the same number you sent your Technouser registration information to earlier.

After a few minutes, LoadXtreme will text you back your Technouser ID, and the ID of the Technopreneur who issued you the Technouser card (which contains your Technouser ID and SAC).

Now when we logged into the Technopreneur area in Loadxtreme.ph, we saw the Technouser's Retail Details and found out that the Technouser Account expires in one year.

So, if a Technopreneur sells a Technouser card for P250, please take note that your Technouser card is good for only one year (after registration). We don't know what the life of an un-registered Technouser card is.

Given the cost of the Technouser card, when you buy P2,500 worth of load you will break-even. In other words, you must spend at least P209.00 in cell phone load each month to recover the cost of your Technouser card.

Perhaps that's why some Technopreneurs just give away the Technouser cards. An example of this would be OFWs who want to help their families in the Philippines start a cellphone loading business.

[ First posted on 06/23/2012 by Manuel Viloria ]

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