Macky's Katipunan Goto Restaurant

Have you tried the goto and tokwa't baboy at the Macky's eatery along Katipunan Ave., Quezon City?

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They offer free delivery. The minimum order is P500.

When you order goto (tripe in hot rice porridge) and tokwa't baboy (fried tofu with pork), it will cost you P80 (goto - P40, tokwa't baboy - P40).

The Kobe chicken costs P300, if cooked.

I asked them if some people order uncooked Kobe chicken, and it seems that some people do since it will be cheaper (P250).

Anyway, I order 3 pairs (goto / tokwa't baboy), and 1 cooked Kobe chicken (chopped), for a total of P540.

It will take them around 15 minutes for the goto, and 20 minutes for the Kobe chicken. Hopefully, they'll do it in parallel, which means I won't have to wait too long to try the food of Macky's Katipunan.

I'll update this blog post after I have dinner.

UPDATE: Okay, am now done with dinner...

I was surprised by the bill, because the lady told me over the phone that the total cost was P540. What she didn't tell me was that they would charge me for the food containers (6 round plastic containers @ P7.00 each). Anyway, they gave me a FREE order of congee (worth P55)... :-)

Okay, I was expecting the goto and arroz caldo to be thicker, similar to what was shown in The Best Goto and Tokwa't Baboy.

Then again, that dish in Marikina (and this was in 2010) cost P56.00, while the dish below costs P40.00...

Macky's Katipunan Goto

It was interesting to try the Betamax (Filipino street food), although I wish they used thicker rice grains.

Goto with Betamax

The Kobe Chicken was a bit too salty for me (though the kids didn't seem to mind).

Kobe Chicken

Also, it would have been great if it were less hard... Or maybe that's the way Kobe Chicken is really served?

Kobe Chicken close-up

I thoroughly enjoyed the tokwa't baboy! :-)

Tokwa't Baboy

I wish they would add more lechon kawali. Hmmm... Perhaps I'll get 12 orders of tokwa't baboy next time! :-)

Macky's Katipunan Tokwa't Baboy

Macky's Katipunan
Telephone: 913-2580.

Happy eating! :-)

[ First posted on 11/12/2011 by Manuel Viloria ]

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