Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

Are you getting the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet for only $199?

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Before you rush off and buy the Kindle Fire, only to be discouraged because it's available only to people in the US, take heart.

In the case of the Amazon Kindle, it wasn't easily available worldwide. In fact, it was some time later before the Kindle was available in the Philippines, remember. Still, it was worth the wait.

For one, the price was quite high at the start. We're not sure, however, how much lower the price of the Kindle Fire will drop.

Still, seeing how the Kindle (which was lowered to $139) now costs as low as only $79, it isn't too far fetched to assume that the $199 Kindle Fire will become even more affordable as the tablet market becomes even more competitive.

Aren't you excited about what Apple will do, especially as far as their iPad is concerned?

Personally, I was waiting for a good color e-Ink display from Amazon. It looks like they're offering what might be an iPad alternative with their Kindle Fire.

Yes, lots of people are saying the KF is not an iPad.

But let's focus instead on what the gadget can do, rather than on the brand name.

For example, you can read ebooks, watch movies or flash videos, or basically consume as much information as you want without having to worry about hard disk space.

That's because the Amazon Kindle Fire stores your files in "the cloud." Which works quite well, assuming you have a fast internet broadband connection.

One of the major benefits we're seeing is that the KF will help push the price of the regular e-Ink non-color Kindles even lower.

And do you know what usually happens when people get hold of a Kindle? Yes, they READ MORE.

When you read more, you will learn more. And remember, if you want to earn more you should learn more. This also reminds me of the saying that leaders are readers.

So, go ahead, Amazon Kindle Fire. Continue making it easy for people to consume information and enjoy entertainment no matter where they are, and especially when they're far away from the computer.

And yes, here's to more highly affordable Amazon Kindle products! :-)

[ First posted on 09/29/2011 by Manuel Viloria ]

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