Silver Beads Make Great Accessories

Silver bead bracelets make fantastic accessories, because you can match it with practically any outfit you have.

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You can be creative and create one yourself, or you can buy high quality silver bracelets from reputable jewelry shops or boutiques. It doesn't have to be too expensive, because there are many affordable bracelets that look quite good, actually.

How To Check The Quality Of Your Silver Bead Bracelet

Look for a stamp showing ".925 Sterling" - that shows you that it is made of pure silver. Beware of merchants who might try to just give you silver-plated accessories.

How To Save With Silver Bracelets

Quite simply, make your own! :-) It can be loads of fun especially if you do it with your friends or amigas. Plus, it will truly be unique as your bracelet design will not be found in most stores.

Here's the secret: Use sterling silver beads.

Unlike the ordinary silver-plated types that will get scraped over time, your sterling silver beads will last much longer. In addition, your creation will look like a high quality silver bracelet because you're using quality materials.

Just remember not to scrimp too much and end up buying too few beads, because once you run out, it may take a while before you're able to find an exact match of the silver beads you previously bought. On this note, it will help if you build a good relationship with your silver bead supplier.

Which beading kit should you get?

Should it be wire-based? Or should you go for string or tigertail? Are the instructions included in the kit? What about the bracelet clasp?

Anyway, go ahead and get started today. Who knows? You already might have friends who are into beading and are selling silver bead bracelets in Multiply and other online stores.

Just ask around and before long, you will start offering custom designed silver bracelets to friends, family, and perhaps even online customers, too. :-)

[ First posted on 07/08/2011 by Manuel Viloria ]

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