300 SMS Texts with Smart LAHATxt 30 Combo

With Smart LAHATxt 30 COMBO, you can now send 300 SMS texts to all networks, and have 20 minutes for voice calls (Smart network), for only P30.

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There are two combo packages from SMART:

  • LAHATxt20 Combos

SMART LAHATxt 30 costs only P30, but is valid for 2 days. You may send a maximum of 300 sms text to all networks, plus enjoy 20 minutes of voice calls will cost you P30 for 300 texts to all networks plus 20mins voice calls to Smart, Talk N' Text and Red Mobile.

SMART LAHATxt 20 costs P20, and is valid for 1 day. You may send 250 sms text messages (all network), and you get 10 minutes worth of mobile calls (SMART, TNT and Red calls).

Please remember that you need to keep a sms load balance of at least P1.00 during the days that you have those combo packages running. Otherwise...

When you go and buy SMART Load, you can save by texting L30 to 2266 for the SMART LAHATxt30 combo package. Imagine, that comes out to just 10 centavos per SMS text.

If you want the SMART LAHATxt 20 package, just send L20 to 2266. Simple, right? :-)

Let's look at the LAHATxt 30 package. If you load every other day, you'll end up spending P450 a month for 150 sms texts each day. If you're not into mobile calls but prefer to text people, this is good value for your money.

You might get tired, however, of texting L30 to 2266 every other day. But hey, if you can send 300 sms texts every two days, texting L30 will be such a breeze! :-)

I wonder if Smart will offer a P450 postpaid plan that allows you to send 4,500 sms texts a month. That would be attractive to those who have lots to text each day.

What happens when you buy a new SMART prepaid simcard?

Go ahead and text FREE to 7555.

Please note that the User must register within 14 days upon activation, and that additional freebies are valid for users with a minimum load of P149 in the previous month.

Also, this is a time-limited promo that runs until October 31, 2011.

But for one year, you will get FREE calls and texts every month. Now that's Smart! :-)

[ First posted on 07/06/2011 by Manuel Viloria ]

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