Cesar Santos June 2011 Real Estate CPE Seminars

Here are the real estate CPE seminars that the Cesar Santos Real Estate Academy is offering for the month of June 2011...

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CPE BATCH 5: May 31, June 1, June 2 (Tuesday-Thursday)
Venue: Cityland Tower, Makati
Time: 9am-6pm

CPE BATCH 6: June 10, 11, 12 (Friday-Sunday)
Venue: Makati or Cubao

CPE BATCH 7: June 17, 18, 19 (Friday-Sunday)
Venue: Makati or Cubao

CPE BATCH 8: June 28, 29, 30 (Tuesday-Thursday)
Venue: Cityland Tower, Makati
Time: 9am-6pm

Note: Dates, venues and subjects may change with due notice.

If you're wondering why the different CPE seminar skeds above have definite venues, while others show "Makati or Cubao", just please keep in mind that the venue will depend on the number of CPE seminar attendees.

The Makati venue can hold around 40 attendees, while the Cubao, Quezon City venue can hold around 100.

FEE per Attendee:
P3,550 - 24 hours (24 units) - Highly Recommended
P2,550 - 16 hours (16 units)
P1,550 - 8 hours (8 units)

You can probably sense that people who became licensed real estate brokers, appraisers, and consultants during the time of the DTI (prior to the passage of the RESA Law RA 9646) are scrambling to beat the July 30, 2011 deadline (Accreditation with the PRC without examination).

Let's face it. Who wants to take another real estate brokers' licensure examination, right?

No wonder we're now seeing a flurry of Real Estate CPE Seminars in the weeks leading up to the July 30, 2011 deadline (as provided in RA 9646).

If you've read somewhere that there are 30,000 licensed real estate brokers in the Philippines plus the fact that the above June 2011 CPE seminar shows a potential capacity of 280 CPE attendees, it makes you wonder how quickly those CPE slots will be taken up.

And when those slots are gobbled up real QUICK and you miss the PRC's deadline, you will then have to go through the process of attending a 120-hour Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar and Review, and then go through a 400-question licensure exam for real estate brokers which will be conducted by the PRC.

During the time of the DTI, you simply needed a 24-hour CRESAR, and the exam with only 100 multiple choice questions, which was conducted from 7am to 12 noon.

Do you remember how so much easier it was back then?

But things have changed...

Do you really want endure a rigorous WHOLE DAY exam of the PRC, after slaving away through a 120-hour review? That's 15 whole days from morning till evening for the face-to-face review alone, plus nervous nights cramming for the exam.

And then you need to be at the PRC examination center at the unholy time of 6:30 in the morning (after you go through the hassle of personally applying for your PRC Exam Permit weeks before the actual licensure exam)!

Do you really want to suffer through all of that?

Or would you rather just go through a 3-day, 24-unit CPE seminar and get accredited by the PRC, without having to take the examination?

Maximize the time and money that you've invested in the past when you became a licensed real estate broker, appraiser or RE consultant in the Philippines.

In other words: Enroll in a Real Estate CPE Seminar Now.

To get more information, please join the Philippine Real Estate CPE Seminars Announcement List over at www.RealEstateCPE.com or send email to cesacademy@realestatecpe.com today.

[ First posted on 05/20/2011 by Manuel Viloria ]

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