Real Estate Investing

Are you trying to make more money? One of the ways to do it is through real estate investing.

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The basic business model goes this way:

1. Find property to "buy"
2. Market the property to others (e.g., rent-to-own concept)
3. Earn passive income when the rental income exceeds your bank loan amortization.

Now a lot of people get stuck in Step 1. They don't have enough capital to even "buy" the property.

The solution is: Rely On Others.

One key truth in real estate investing is that you can't do it all by yourself. You will need a team. And if you look around you and find that there's no team, then look inside your cell phone.

Specifically, the phonebook entries in your mobile phone. That's where you'll find people you contact or communicate with on a fairly regular basis.

Those people will help connect you with others who have the funds or the capital to help you get started in real estate. In some cases, your relatives and close friends might even be able to invest in your real estate project.

If you want more information about investing in real estate, there's an upcoming seminar that's going to be held in Cebu in January 2011.

Attend it and ask your questions while networking with other like-minded individuals. Who knows? You just might find the tipping point that helps jumpstart your new year.

Check out Trace Trajano's Think Rich Quick Seminar in Cebu (TRQ 3.0, January 2011).

[ First posted on 11/25/2010 by Manuel Viloria ]

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