Heartburn No More

Here's a review of "Heartburn No More", an all-natural holistic system designed to cure acid reflux and provide lasting from most digestive disorders.

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Instant relief is achievable in as little as two hours, with permanent cure results in as little as two months.

Here's the Table of Contents of "Heartburn No More" (key headings only)

Ten Facts about the Heartburn No More System
Get Rid of Heartburn Holistically
The Truth about Heartburn
What is GERD (Acid Reflux)
The Real Cause of Heartburn
Risk Factors for Reflux Disease
Treatment of Heartburn
Natural Medicine vs Conventional Medicine (Crucial Differences)
Surgical Procedures
The Holistic Medicine Way
The Heartburn No More Quick Results Mini Program
The 5-Step Heartburn No More System
The 2-Day Reflux Relief System
The 7 Reflux Relief Principles
Secret Natural Items to Eliminate the Symptoms
Dietary Changes and Digestion Optimization
Basic Supplementation
Internal Cleansing
Three-Day Juice Cleanse
Getting Rid of Parasites - One Week Program
Get Rid of Candida and Flood Your System with Probiotics
5 Steps to Building a Candida-Free Environment
Anti-Candida Supplements
Replenishing and Re-Colonizing Friendly Bacteria
Stress Control, Exercise, and Sleep Optimization
Stress, G.I. Disorders, and Acid Reflux
The Wonders of Meditation and Correct Breathing
Breathing Exercises
How to Prevent Heartburn and Maintain a Reflux-free Environment
Complimentary Treatments for Heartburn (Aromatherapy, Bone and Joint Massage, Lymph Draining Massage, Digestive Massage)
Anti-Reflux Detoxification Diet
Ayurveda Detoxification Diet
Live and Gallbladder Flush

...and many more.

That's 186 pages in the Heartburn No More PDF ebook.

Jeff Martin shares his story of how he used to be a chronic heartburn sufferer, and how that lead him to his 7-year journey of finding a solution or even a permanent cure to help get rid of heartburn.

Do you know which simple yet highly effective foods help immediately relieve you of heartburn symptoms?

Do you know the easy to do Stomach Acid Test (to find out if your stomach produces enough hydrochloric acid)?

For more information and details, please see Heartburn No More

[ First posted on 11/22/2010 by Manuel Viloria ]

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